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"We did not expect much from the upgrade from Navision to Business Central. The result was a very pleasant surprise. We simplified our business processes, we increased our sales volumes on the internet and improved the quality of service to customers".

Jan Novotný
Company executive


The information system Navision from Microsoft was used at Storex for almost 20 years. The ability to make modifications and to create new functions custom-designed for their specific business processes suited them particularly well. After approximately 10 years of using the system, they upgraded it and then worked with it for another 10 years. The supplier supported them for this entire time, keeping it up-to-date with legislation and gradually developed the system. We did not have the need to make changes to the system and thanks to this minimised our operating costs.

The new product Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central presented them with a big challenge. They stood before the decision to either slowly upgrade an increasingly obsolete information system or to find another more suitable one. However, after consultations with suppliers of various systems, they decided to continue with the existing cooperation and to perform another upgrade. And even though they did expect a positive effect from this step, the result was a very pleasant surprise.

With combined effort the system was streamlined by the removal of unutilised processes and program modifications. Extensive options for integration with third-party applications were utilised and the online store was substantially improved. Customers gained access to the planning of servicing capacities for required services.

The biggest surprise was, however, how quickly the users accepted the new version. Concerns about the new user interface were shown to have been unfounded and after just two days of training, the majority of users did not want to return to the old system.

A fact that must be mentioned is the operation of the information system in a hosting centre and the related reduction of costs for the acquisition and operation of infrastructure. Technologies from Microsoft provide Storex with substantial advantages in the form of cooperation between individual applications, sharing of data store as a rule outside the company, and a reduction in investment expenditure. The complete information system upgrade project was planned for the spring of 2020 and the difficult economic and social situation that eventuated at that time paradoxically provided the opportunity to focus more on the project and to prepare for further challenges.

Integration of information system with other applications

Unusually fast adaptation of users to the new system

Reduction of infrastructure expenditure

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