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Large companies

We have successfully implemented hundreds of challenging projects. Thanks to them, our numerous team took the necessary knowledge and experience of many business disciplines. We focus on automating a varied scale of everyday activities, but also on the use of data analytics in business.

We will help you with the implementation of Business Intelligence for your entire company across all departments.

The "crown jewels" of business information systems.

Allow data to speak and make decisions based on quality information.

Create a quality foundation for reporting, Business Intelligence, data analysis, planning and forecasting applications.

Do you have your key data under control? Are you able to effectively and safely consolidate across the entire organisation?

Legally mandatory. Demanding on processing. Ideal for automation.

We work with McAfee, WatchGuard and Cisco in the security field. Our solutions cover a wide range of systems for identity verification, 802.1X health protection, interface protection through NGFW/UTM and anti-malware software.

We build modern data centres, complex cloud infrastructure or a combination of both approaches. We also provide supporting technologies and security solutions tailored to the size and criticality of the customer's organization's needs.

It will assist you with the selection, implementation and administration of devices for end users and collection points, such as notebooks, bar code readers or IoT elements. We will set up the environment and provide applications for communications, office work and comfortable access to central data sources.

An intelligent data storage site will ensure secure storage, easy traceability and high-level security for your data. Electronic processes will accelerate document processing, from digitising, commenting and approval through to archiving. Keep track, work together on one document, and share files - even with external entities.

Communication is crucial for every successful project. The intranet will provide your employees with important information about what is going on at the company, and also with process outputs and processed documents, and all in one place. Immediate access to data improves efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Accelerate processes at your company, solve them all in one place. Our customers use intranet applications for processes in procurement, IT, human resources and also in senior management. How does your employee recruitment process work? Where do you award bonuses? Do your employees have a certification plans, medical examinations and payroll slips all in one place?