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Why is Infor VISUAL
the only tool on the market
that managed to meet
the needs of Antreg?


years of business activity in the Czech Republic


technological procedures in three variants for planning production capacities


m2 of available production and warehousing space located across 2 halls

"We are just now implementing Infor VISUAL at our company. Nevertheless, I have known this software for a long time since it is the only one that works with the unique "throughput" or performance tool. We have been using this indicator at our company since 2005 and I intend to hand over and explain its advantages to the next generation".

Ing. Ilona Romanová

Antreg is a mechanical engineering company with many years of tradition, with beginnings spanning back to 1952 when a branch production plant of Zbrojovka Brno was established in Vyškov. The company's current production program is focused primarily on the automotive and aerospace industries, and furthermore on the production of components for laboratory and pharmaceutical technology as well as production of hand firearms.

What do the aforementioned segments have in common? Primarily the high demands that customers place on the precision of workmanship of each individual component. Furthermore, Antreg has an experienced team that can design innovative custom solutions for every client. The production environment is universal to such a degree that Antreg can adapt to the wishes of customers and produce practically anything.

Antreg intends to not only maintain its standing in the market and its long term partnerships, but also to develop and to move to a higher level. The demands placed on the information systems that Antreg has decided to implement reflect these ambitions.

After detailed market research, the management at Antreg decided for cooperation with Solitea and went with a solution built on the Infor VISUAL system. The deciding factors were the unique functions supporting the management of production/manufacturing companies according to the rules of the Theory of Constraints (TOC). The management of the company had already utilised these principles before, however with increasing production volumes it was necessary to build management on a single data base and to automate a range of activities so that information was precise and up-to-date.

The key requirement is the utilisation of the advanced planning tool (APS), which is a part of Infor VISUAL for predicting bottlenecks, creating a clear production schedule and eliminate delivery delays. From the economical standpoint a significant function of the system is monitoring the Throughput indicator (according to TOC), which for the management of the company provides better information than a standard cost calculation.

A part of the solution is also the inclusion of CNC machinery and automated recording of produced amounts and actual consumed time. This will ensure the timeliness and accuracy or data in the information system. Apart from savings in administration work, errors of human operators are also eliminated. The production schedule for each machine provides a clear answer to the question of what should start being manufactured when, without any possibility of communications noise.

Our solution enables online monitoring of workshop resources, increased work effectiveness and flow of the order through production and thereby also effective meeting of customer's deadline, qualitative and price requirements.

Networking of CNC machines with connection of their control systems to Infor VISUAL for direct counting down of produced pieces.

Faster availability of information about the current state of production.

More comfortable planning of production capacities.

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