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Why is Infor Visual
The only tool on the market,
which has been able to satisfy
Antreg needs?


Since its founding firm on the Czech market


Technological procedures in three production capacity planning variants


M2 available production and storage areas situated in 2 Hal

"Infor Visual in our company we are currently implementing. However, I know this software for a long time, as the only one works with a unique tool, flow 'or performance. This indicator in our company has been using since 2005 and its benefits I intend to pass and explain another generation. "

Ing. Ilona Romanová

Antreg is an engineering company with a long tradition, whose origins extend by 1952, when the Brno Brno branch is established in Vyškov. The current manufacturing program of the company is primarily focused on the automotive and aerospace industry, for the production of laboratory and pharmacy technique and also on the production of handwritten firearms.

What have the above areas? Above all, it is the high demands of customers to accuracy and precision of performing each individual part. In addition, Antreg has an experienced team that can propose an innovative solution to each client. The production environment is so universal that Antreg can adapt to customers' wishes and produce virtually anything.

Your market position and long-term partnership with customers want Antreg not only to maintain, but also to further develop and move to a higher level. These ambitions also correspond to the entitlement to the enterprise information system that Antreg decided to introduce Its unique functions supporting the production company management according to the rules of restrictions (TOC) were decisive. Management of the Company used these principles before, but with increasing production volume, management needed to build on a uniform data base and to automate a number of activities so that the information is accurate and current.

The use of an advanced planning tool (APS ), which is part of Infor Visual, for predicting bottlenecks, creating a clear production schedule and eliminate order delay. From an economic point of view, it is a significant feature of the flow pointer monitoring system (Throughput by TOC), which for the company's management gives clearer information than normal cost calculation.

The solution includes the connection of CNC machines and automated registration of the quantity produced and actually consumed the time. This ensures timeliness and accuracy of data in the information system. In addition to saving administrative work, human service errors are also eliminated. The manufacturing schedule for each machine gives a clear answer to the question, what and when to start producing, without any possible communication noise.

Our solution will allow online tracking of workshop sources, increasing labor efficiency and stream order production and This also efficient performance of term, qualitative and customer price requirements.

Merchation of CNC machines connecting their control systems to Infor Visual for direct reading of the pieces produced

Faster availability of current production status

more comfortable production capacity planning

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Invoice easily,
Customize accounts or settle
problem with eet.

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Save time, capacities and simplify
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and personnel systems.

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