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when Excel for production is no longer enough






unnecessary work

"Vario saves us a lot of time. It is no longer happening that two people do unnecessarily the same job. "

Tomáš Rőssner
Director of DE & Co borders 

in the engineering company DE & AMP; CO border, which today farms with a turnover of sixty million crowns, they used Excel until 2016 and plain accounting system. The company grew, but it was not enough for a larger agenda. Therefore, they started looking for a comprehensive information system.

"to change I determined when I realized how much time we are losing. It became two people made unnecessarily the same job. One filled something into the table in Excel and the other data rewritten into another table, "Explains Tomáš Rőssner. Likewise, checking fulfilled tasks were difficult for the company.

The company searched for ERP, which adapts to custom production. At the same time, the system promised more overview of:

• profitability and order of orders
• agenda received and issued documents
• Production status

" In addition, for me, of course, the price / performance ratio and that the system is able to grow with the company. Vario met all these criteria, "adds rőssner.

Employees soon learned

" The transition to a new system was without defects, we could just to invoice. Of course, small trouble appeared because people were accustomed to working with something else. But Vario is intuitive, controlled similarly to Microsoft Office programs, so everyone learned to him soon, "Explains executive.

This vario is all faster and more efficient.

Billing, manufacturing, warehouse, orders, orders ... All in one system.

vario adapted custom production.

We will help you simplify business

Trades and small businesses

Invoice easily,
Customize accounts or settle
problem with eet.

Medium-sized companies

Save time, capacities and simplify
processes thanks to enterprise
and personnel systems.

Large companies

FREE from worry that
Information technology
flawlessly solves for you.

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