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"Issuing an invoice with a single click is great. The time you save can be used to get a more indepth understanding of the customer and their tastes".

Michalela Kloudová

The company Genster entered the Czech market with an unusual service - it offers online styling for men. Stylists select for their male clientèle the best clothing found on Czech e-shops and then we send them the selected goods directly to their home address.

The company started using iDoklad in 2018. Until that time, the owner carried out all the administration, customer service and invoicing herself. In hindsight, she views this period as very ineffective since each task took a lot of time. "When I look back, I almost feel ashamed by the amount of time that I spent issuing invoices and doing other administrative tasks. We were just starting the business, we had lots to worry about, we had to learn a lot and, to make things worse, each invoice took us about 25 minutes", Michaela Kloudová reminisces of the times before iDoklad.

Why did iDoklad win?

it saves time
• quality API enables interconnection between other programs and services
• automated communications with the bank, sending out of notices, thank you notes for payment

Speeds up processes, saves time and automation

The popularity of iDoklad is demonstrated by the fact that it was recommended to the owner of Genster by one of her customers. When selecting a system, she placed main importance on problem-free integration with other programs and services. She was not concerned only with invoicing, though she admits that for the company it was a huge shock in terms of organisation and reduction of workload.

Thanks to iDoklad, Genster was saved a lot of tedious work. iDoklad communicates independently with the bank and is able to automatically send messages to customers. "We paired iDoklad with the bank. Thanks to this, we do not need to manually check who has paid and who hasn't, and it also never forgets to confirm the payment to the customer and thank them for it", Michaela Kloudová praises the features of the system.

Interconnectedness of partial invoicing processes from issuing invoices to checking invoice payments.

Automation – thank you note for payment or invoice payment reminders.

API – option to interconnect multiple services and automate the transfer of information and data.

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