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"We chose the Vema human resource system as a solution for payroll and human resource agendas. For the entire time, it's been a joy to work with and we give it full marks. What we value the most is that legislation is always up to date and its error-free outputs, which do not require subsequent checking. We also positively assess the speed, willingness and professionalism with which Solitea deals with our requirements".

Rostislav Fojtík
Head of human resources and payroll department

The reason for the procurement of the new payroll-human resource system was the unsatisfactory state of the existing human resource module in a robust ERP, which lacked functions, was complicated and expensive. The processes in it were complicated and the module was inflexible.
The company Veletrhy Brno was deciding between four specialised payroll-human resource systems. After thorough examination of all the solutions, it selected the Solitea Vema system, which was from the very beginning conceived of as a complete solution for human resource and payroll agendas. Immediately from its first implementation it was also fully functionally extensive and fully met all the needs of the company. Apart from standard functions in the area of payroll, it also managed the organisational structure of the entire company and systematisation. What really made an impression on Veletrhy Brno was that right-out-of-the-box the system started to fulfil one of the main expectations – problem-free integration of all agendas into one. Solitea Vema also resolved the extensive agenda for the training and education of employees, OHS, attendance, catering, etc.
After several years of operation, the company took another progressive step and transitioned to the Vema Cloud solution. The transition to full satisfaction of all – smoothly and flawlessly. The main benefits for Veletrhy Brno are the complete provision of the payroll and human resource agenda, personnel records, administration of the organisational structure and systematisation. The key feature is then the high, error-free quality of the outputs, which do not require subsequent rechecking.

"Vema is a high quality, well functioning, flexible system that is problem free and affordable. If necessary, I can provide additional superlatives", replied to the question of key benefits Rostislav Fojtík, Head of Human Resources and Payroll. Vema is utilised not only by the entire human resource-payroll department but also by specialised staff such as the safety technician for administration of employee training. Also, all employees access Vema via an online employee portal as a fast and secure channel for the provision of all important information. Solitea Vema is, furthermore, integrated into other systems of the company such as the SAP information system, attendance or catering systems, and also functions as support for managerial work of management.



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