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The secret of success is in above-standard care


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million documents per year in a single company


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"Business? For us that represents above-standard care and a system that we can adapt to meet our new and constantly growing sales levels".

Jiří Laipold
Head of IT department

Nohel Garden is a purely Czech wholesale company. It is the largest supplier of garden products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Business system has been running at the company and helping with growth since 2005.

Why did Nohel Garden decide for Business when it was replacing its information system?

1. The company grew and needed an ERP system that can handle a large volume of data.
2. Business offered attractive data input options.
3. Business enabled the implementation of a special pricing methodology that is found throughout the entire system.

Automation, customisation and care

Now more than 15 years of cooperation. The self-explanatory fact and answer to the question whether Business was the right choice.

The secret of success is hidden in above-standard care and adapting the system to current needs. Pivotal are primarily inventories, invoicing and unification of management of multiple companies.

Nohel Garden values the most:

• Care – every 14 days a consultant meets with a representative from Nohel Garden.
• Automation of work – in the warehouse, the requirements placed on the worker are reduced, in invoicing and order paperwork up to 200 hours per week are saved.
• Customisation – it is possible to bend and modify the system as the company requires. It adapts to growing demands and reflects the specific character of the company.
• One system – unified management of multiple companies. And this includes companies in Slovakia and different legal jurisdictions.
• Feedback data correctness checking.

The warehouse worker can do anything.

Simple and secure work with data.

A single system for all companies.

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