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users work every day in the company-wide information system


users access the system remotely during the time of Covid-19 restrictions


users interrupted work during the lockdown during the Covid-19 period

"We have been working together with the team of specialists from Solitea for many years now. We value that we can rely on them at any time, which paid dividends particularly this year during the restrictions resulting from Covid-19. We were able to very quickly transition from personal meetings to electronic meetings and already within a week we arranged consultations and training for dozens of people connected via the internet".

Martin Vondrák
, Technical Director of Information Systems Department

ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION is a major European company in the field of development and manufacture of vehicles for rail and city transport. This company with a tradition of more than one hundred and fifty years is a reliable and innovative supplier of low-floor tramcars, trolleybuses, metro trains and hybrid vehicles for environmentally-friendly public transport in European cities. The company also focuses on the production of modern electrical units, trains and locomotives.

For a modern manufacturing company, a high quality information system is a key component without which it would be impossible to manage a company of such scope and scale as ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION. Škoda has worked together with specialists from Solitea for many years on the support and development of the Infor LN solution, which forms the backbone of its information system and covers the main company processes from sales through to production, to finance.

The application of the solution in the manufacturing and manufacturing-related fields is key, since every final product from ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION comprises of thousands of items, which must be ordered, produced and delivered within the correct deadline, and any error would result in financial loss or additional expenses. ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION is successfully managing this demanding synchronisation also thanks to the Infor LN information system and specialists from Solitea.

Reliability of the solution and partner. The system and work runs under all circumstances.

Work over the internet has proven to be effective. We have saved time and money.

We have used the time during the Covid crisis to bolster our solution. Thanks to functioning cooperation, we did not stand still, but conversely advanced further.

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