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ŠKODA Transportation
For 15 years relies on
information system
Infor ln


Users work every day in an enterprise information system


Users access the system remotely at the time of Covidem-19


Users interrupted Lockdown work at Covido-19

"We work with a team of specialists from Solitea many years. We appreciate that we can rely on them at any time, which was mainly due this year during the limitations caused by Covidem-19. Very quickly we managed to move from personal meetings on electronic and during the week we organized consultation and training for dozens of people connected via the Internet. "

Martin Vondrak
Professional Director, Department of Information Systems

ŠKODA Transportation is an important European company in the field of development and manufacture of vehicles for railway and urban transport. The company with more than a stubborn tradition is a reliable and innovative supplier of low-floor trams, trolleybuses, metro cars and hybrid vehicles for ecologically friendly public transport of European cities. At the same time, the company focuses on the production of modern electrical units, trains and locomotives.

The quality information system is a key component, without which the company cannot be successfully managed by the company. For many years, Solitea specialists have been cooperating with Solitea's support and development of Infor LN, which forms the backbone of the information system and covers all major business processes, from trade through production to finance. Key is mainly the solution of production and Related areas because each ŠKODA Transportation final product consists of thousands of items that must be ordered and delivered and delivered in the correct term, and any error would mean financial loss or extra costs. ŠKODA Transportation successfully manages this challenging synchronization thanks to Infor LN information system and Solitea specialists.

Reliability of solutions and partner. System and work runs at all times.

The work via the Internet has proved effective. We saved time and money.

During the covide crisis, we used the time to strengthen our solution. Thanks to the functioning cooperation, we were not standing, but on the contrary, they moved on a piece.

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