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Process and intranet applications

Accelerate processes at your company, solve them all in one place. Our customers use intranet applications for processes in procurement, IT, human resources and also in senior management. How does your employee recruitment process work? Where do you award bonuses? Do your employees have a certification plans, medical examinations and payroll slips all in one place?

Why choose our solution?

Improve efficiency of internal processes

Achievement of greater efficiency of internal corporate processes, from approval procedure to monitoring task fulfilment by individual employees.

Form applications integrated with other systems

Thanks to modern technologies, we centralise applications, document libraries, information websites and communication tools in a single location. Operation is simple for users and intuitive thanks to integration with standard office applications.

Users will feel at home and can also work from home

Easy use is not just about integration. Applications and systems can be operated in a cloud and available from anywhere and from various devices. Process documents on a computer, but approve and report them from a mobile device.

A system in your agendas

Electronic management of approval processes, gathering of information, or of monitoring task fulfilment helps every organisation to function more efficiently. As we develop intranet and process portals for our clients, we also handle the day-to-day; circulation of holiday requests, approval of travel orders, dispensing of materials and tools, and a full range of additional HR processes (approval of job positions, bonuses, etc.).

The on-premise Microsoft SharePoint tool, respectively Microsoft 365 technology on the Microsoft Power Automate platform, is ideal for building process applications. If this platform is used for the intranet, DMS, reporting and processes applications simultaneously, the user can manage all their information at one central location and control everything in a similar manner. This approach substantially simplifies overall training and the user's grasp of the technology. This results in highly effective use of IT tools at our clients’ organisations.

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“Solitea has been cooperating with us on the development of our portal and operated applications for many years now. We have always been able to rely on them to build, upgrade and support the solutions.”
Jan Svatoš CIO | AVE CZ Odpadové hospodářství
Jan Svatoš, CIO, AVE CZ Odpadové hospodářství

AVE CZ waste management

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