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Our professionals will assess the status of your IT and design the optimal solution to allow you to make the most of the technology. With no hassle for you. Leave IT administration entirely up to us, or simply supplement your IT team and its know-how with support from our specialists.

Why choose our solution?

Let our experienced professionals advise you

Make the most of your existing technology by using our services. If necessary, we will provide a brief consultation or conduct an in-depth analysis of the status of your infrastructure.

Choose from a wide range of services

We offer any imaginable service, just choose and start enjoying the benefits.

Discover the weakness of your IT

We will analyse the status of your IT, then propose a way to improve its efficiency and prepare a long-term development plan.

A system in your agendas

Our clients’ core need often does not involve delivering information systems and technologies, but instead providing high-quality professional services to enable the maximum exploitation of purchased technologies; including improving the quality of the processes supported by these technologies. We have a team of experts who provide broad range of services to our clients. These include designing infrastructure, including advanced systems for ensuring access, complex implementations of the technologies on offer, maintenance and consultancy services, ensuring guaranteed response and repair in the case of defects and errors with 24/7 availability, preliminary studies, support during tenders, comprehensive and/or partial outsourcing of technical and system services, as well as consultancy in the area of strategy, project management, IT and security management.

We have a proven method of assessing the condition of IT. This involves mapping the current IT technology status, taking into consideration the strategic and business requirements of the given organisation. The method provides the data needed to prepare a long-term plan for development. Our clients’ satisfaction with the level of our services is substantiated by the fact that 80% of our existing clients have been working with us over the long term, for more than 5 years.

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“The full outsourcing of our IT services allowed us to devote ourselves entirely to improving corporate processes without having to deal with routine operational IT issues. Since 2007, Solitea has consistently proven that it is a partner we can rely on.”
Kamila Kulišová Controlling Specialist | Rheinmetall Group
Kamila Kulišová, Controlling Specialist, Rheinmetall Group


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