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"When I started Dobrej Špajz, I was looking for an accounting system that would be connected with the cash registers. I needed all the data in the one place. I inquired into several software packages, and the combination of Money S3 and Prodejna proved to be the best choice".

Markéta Vlachová

Import from cash registers

Previously, business operator Markéta Vlachová used to import once a day. "We closed in the evening and I would manually download the sales receipts from both cash registers. It always took me ten minutes".

Then she would use Money to find, which goods were sold, reordered them. However, suppliers weren't fast enough in processing them, and so some mornings there were several empty shelves.

To avoid this happening, Markéta Vlachová would sometimes order already during the course of the day. But then she didn't have the most up-to-date information. "I based it just on yesterday's close. So either I was ordering blind or I sent a colleague to do a quick stocktake at the stores".

Information every hour

A new function that simplifies connecting Prodejna with Money S3 forms in combination with module S3 Automatic: a strong combination, which improved the situation at Dobrý Špajz.

Sales receipts are now downloaded for Markéta Vlachová every hour. Thanks to this, Money S3 knows whether, for example, butter or marmalade is running out. Already over the course of the day, it prepares an order and the suppliers deliver new stock the next morning. "It is a fundamental improvement, which significantly reduced my workload".

The new function also made exporting information to the cash registers at both branches easier. She needs to transfer new items and update prices several times per week. In the past, she always had to manually load this information manually on to each register individually, now she simply quickly enters an export and the data in both the cash registers is updated.

Easy to see when butter or marmalades are running out.

Makes exporting of information to cash registers at multiple stores easier.

Orders are made in time, so suppliers have sufficient time to process them and in the morning there are no empty spaces on the shelves.

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