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Modern Workplace

It will assist you with the selection, implementation and administration of devices for end users and collection points, such as notebooks, bar code readers or IoT elements. We will set up the environment and provide applications for communications, office work and comfortable access to central data sources.

Why choose our solution?

We know all the HW required for data input

We will design the right HW for any profession, from senior manager to freezer warehouse worker. We can react to your needs, not matter what they are - mobile, light, resilient or prestigious. Consideration of the size of the environment and central manageability of the delivered technologies is a matter of course.

Key back office applications on all devices

The delivery of equipment is not the end, it is just the beginning. The solution includes applications and tools for data interchange, data sharing, video conferencing, telephony or organising webinars and conferences.

We also have equipment for data output

We will also put your data on paper thanks to the offered printing solutions. You can project them to colleagues with equipment for meeting rooms, or broadcast them on the internet.

A system in your agendas

The modern trend in IT is evident - central infrastructure is increasingly transitioning to the cloud or large remote data centres, where it is possible to achieve higher performance and better security at a lower cost. Nevertheless, for IT to run properly, the user experience when using applications is still important, as is the quality collection of data at the interface of the human and IT universe. For this reason, our portfolio will continue to include services such as consultations and deliveries in the area of end user work stations and peripheral devices. We will select the optimal notebooks, tablets and mobile phones, and propose the ideal printing solution. We consider the end user work station to be made up of more than just the devices themselves, it's our job to couple user satisfaction, simple remote administration and, in particular, high security. We will implement end user work stations in your organisation so that they do not affect the performance of their users, while not burdening your team. We are ready to integrate them using modern cloud services in the area of security.
We know that a part of the user experience is also the quality of the standard back office applications, which today are an integral part of every end user work station. Our solutions are based on Microsoft 365 services and we deliver such devices and peripherals that are optimal for the utilisation of Microsoft 365 applications and cloud services.
Our capability does not end behind the doors of your company's office building. We can also handle modern interfaces in production environments or out in the field. We have no issue with utilising bar codes, video systems or even data collection by means of IoT end points.

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