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"Gone are the times when it was possible to spend years planning, months choosing a solution and subsequently spending a long time installing and configuring a new infrastructure for meeting the business needs of an organisation. At the current time, requirements come in that must be resolved within a matter of weeks, if not days. Also our clients started to have such requirement and their common solution was to use cloud services Microsoft 365 and Azure"

Jaroslav Kunc
Business Unit Manager, IT infrastructure

1st story – connecting international branch offices

International company that designs, produces and delivers extensive design installations, with presence on all continents and production in the Czech Republic and China. Access to certain applications operated in the Czech Republic from China and the USA was, however, due to the large distances and network bandwidth problematic. It was decided to establish data centres for distant destinations. The initial plan was to lease premises in data centres and to operate in-house hardware as was the case with central systems. Solitea proposed to solve this task by starting migration to the cloud and utilising the services Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. The new infrastructure was available to the overseas branch offices within a few days and the information system implementation project was thus started immediately. In parallel, mail services, the central intranet portal and communications tools were migrated to Microsoft 365.

2nd story – coping with working from home

The worldwide pandemic in 2020 showed that we must also be ready for unexpected challenges caused by nature. A customer who is a major player in the energy market had to adapt their security situation to their operations, including the operation of the call centre. The departure of a large number of employees to home office mode caused the remote access infrastructure to be overloaded and problems started arising with the provision of sufficient security for connections from non-company devices. The solution to the needs in the area of access, security and performance proved to be the virtualisation of desktops based on the service Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop, which Solitea in cooperation with Microsoft implemented for the customer.

3rd story – modernisation of communications and work with documents

A retail company did not wait and started taking advantage of the benefit provided by the new functions of Microsoft 365, in particular from the great integration of applications for the administration of mail, communications, information and documents. Thus, in cooperation with Solitea, an extensive chain of projects ran with a common goal – migration to Microsoft 365 services and integration across all countries where the customer is present. Upon completion, all the more than 8000 users were to very easily communicate, share documents and cooperate with one another. A part of the cooperation was direct problem-solving or support during projects for the transfer of email to the cloud, migration and consolidation of M365 tenants, conversion of the SharePoint intranet into an online environment or the implementation of MS Teams.

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