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Master Data Management

Do you have your key data under control? Are you able to effectively and safely consolidate across the entire organisation?

Why choose our solution?

Consolidate your key data

Keep a uniform data reference base that is common for your entire company.

Cover the entire master data management process

We will provide not only in-house MDM implementation but also its subsequent future development.

Ensure consistency of core data

Consistent data will improve the credibility of your reports.

A system in your agendas

Master Data Management (MDM) is a complex area that has, in principle, the role of ensuring the accessibility to correct data, at the right time, at the right location. Correct data is understood to mean core (master) data about clients, partners, addresses, products, services, accounts, etc. at the level of quality corresponding to the requirements of the users. The right time is, today, considered to mean in real time ensuring that core data remains de-facto continuously up-to-date. The right location then represents all the applications and systems in which the necessary data is available, from ERP to CRM to reporting applications or a data warehouse.

Each of our project is, in its certain way, unique, since every company utilises different systems in its operations and usually has a colourful history of their implementation. Master Data Management is not so much a system as rather a process by means of which master data is created, maintained, updated and distributed to users. For this reason, it is insufficient to set up the MDM solution once, but rather it is necessary to constantly maintain and develop it.

We frequently carry out MDS projects at both the mother company and subsidiary level. The same data is actually often found in various formats and in various systems. It frequently happens that such redundant data is consistent neither from the content nor the time perspective. 

We first identify on which systems the key core data is located. We then arrange the centralised storage of this data and set all the necessary processes respecting the mutual relational and time relationships between the data. Neither do we forget about consolidating this data and ensuring the required quality of the master data, whether manually or in an automated manner.

Then you can enjoy data that you can rely on.

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