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In Propell, Loans Express helps to accelerate even refine the financial agenda

"The main advantage of the Loans Express solution is that it accelerates and refines our overall agenda. Can handle all processes around loans, interest and payments efficiently and flexibly. "

Solity Solution saves time and money and customers far beyond Europe. These include the South African Financial Company Propell, which thanks to Loans Express App significantly and streamlined the financial agenda. </ P>

Solution for South Africa </ h2>

South African company Propell located in Cape Town provides its clients financial Credit and project financing services. For seamless management of these operations, the company implemented loans express app </ strong> in 2020. </ p>

The propella representative has mainly obtained its versatility, simplicity and intuitivity </ strong>. As a result, it can be easily mounted anywhere in the world </ strong>, the implementation itself makes it easier to make link with Microsoft Dynamics 365 </ strong>. Last but not least, the application is able to quickly adapt to local legislation. </ P>

Objectives and requirements </ h2>

As main target, Propell representatives set the digitization of specific tasks associated with repayments, interest and capital administration. Loans Express was a convenient choice that replaced the built-in Functions of the Great Plains accounting software, which was previously managed by Propell loans. As Quindan Barnard, Business Analyst, Company: " Loans Express allowed us everything efficiently and flexibly. Automated processes accelerate us processing of documents and allow all data to report, predict, and also connect with existing systems. </ Em> "</ p>

Progress of implementation </ h2>

The first contact between Propelle and Soliteou mediated a partner firm Datasmmith. She arranged initiation meetings and participated in the initial negotiations. Their key benefit was without a dispute Detailed Propell Processes and Knowledge of Local Specifics of South Africa, which greatly facilitated and streamlined subsequent communication with the Solitey implementation team Applications that were subsequently incorporated, and even more increased the value of the resulting solution. Then, only the implementation is left The main advantage of the application is that it accelerates the entire agenda while increasing accuracy, </ em> "says Business Analyst Quindan Barnard. Without an application, employees would have to enter the processes manually, thanks to the automation so Propell saved a large amount of time and money. </ P>

In addition, Loans Express offers other benefits in the form of reporting and prediction. Thanks to them, the company can make strategic decisions based on real and current data. In the words of Quindana Barnard: " Automated processes accelerate us processing of documents and allow all data report, predict and connect with existing systems </ strong>. </ P>" </ p> </ p> </ p> Outside the business </ h2>

collaboration with Solitee, Quindan Barnard cannot energize. According to his words, the Solitey team is very helpful: " When we informed the team about some problems around the software, they solved them with turnover and communication with managers (especially Adam Hermann and Eva Pitrun) was always very pleasant. </ Em>" </ P>

What solution does propell use? </ h2>

Our customers use Loans Express. This solution connects operations for credit institutions, credit broker and financial lessor. If you are interested in detailed information, check out our website Or get with us arrange a meeting . </ p>

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