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IT management and security

IT security is fundamental in today’s online world. We will help you protect all your data and corporate processes in order to prevent any threats to your company’s activity. We take a comprehensive view of security, whether the data is based in your infrastructure, in a Cloud or in transit via a network. We realise that risks come from the external world, but attention must also be given to internal threats.

Why choose our solution?

Guaranteed security

Have continuous and full control over your data and systems.

Control over the whole environment

We will arrange and implement comprehensive supervision of technologies and security settings.

Adequate security

Respects the economic aspect of security measures.

A system in your agendas

The role of administrators and service providers does not end with the building of IT infrastructure. Today, the word security is one of the most commonly used terms in the field of information and telecommunications systems. It is entirely fundamental that customers have their environment fully under control and that their data and systems be absolutely secure. IT security is connected to the protection of corporate processes. Measures implemented based on the analysis of process risks must attain a security level high enough so as to ensure that the given organisation’s business continuity will not be threatened.

We engage in the design, implementation and support of a wide range of security-related activities; identity management and authentication, data network and interface security, IT security against harmful code, operation management, change management and configurations, as well as data backup and archiving. The economic ramifications of the information and data security options that we propose are also very important to us. The required security proposition must be grounded in the character of the processes, and excessive security mustn't have a negative impact on the quality and performance of the applications used. We pride ourselves on having successfully overcome all of these challenges to the great satisfaction of our clients.

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“Ensuring IT infrastructure security and quality management for hypermarkets across the Czech Republic is a major challenge. Since 2002, we have been working on this with Solitea and I am happy to say that things are going well.”
Michal Kadavý IT Infrastructure Operations Manager | Globus ČR
Michal Kadavý, IT Infrastructure Operations Manager, Globus ČR


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