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Intranet and cooperation

Communication is crucial for every successful project. The intranet will provide your employees with important information about what is going on at the company, and also with process outputs and processed documents, and all in one place. Immediate access to data improves efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Why choose our solution?

Multipurpose intranet portal

Covers a wide range of needs, from team cooperation through task planning to conducting questionnaire surveys.

Easy information sharing and use

Central storage site of complete corporate know-how, news publishing, reservation of resources and access to reporting data.

More effective work by each employee

Increased work productivity, where every company employee knows exactly where to find what they presently need for their work.

A system in your agendas

High-quality internal communication and ease of sharing are key tools to improving efficiency at all types of organisations. An intranet portal is the core of modern companies; the place where information is gathered. It helps users easily find needed information and work with it effectively. Solitea has been helping its clients to build high-quality intranet portals for several years. We have managed extensive solutions for thousands of users, and have additionally acted as a consultancy partner for smaller companies that want to know how to improve their communications while limiting investment costs to a reasonable and justifiable level.

The common foundation of our solutions has always been the Microsoft SharePoint platform, which provides a wide range of intranet-building tools. Nevertheless, with the arrival of Microsoft Cloud solutions, intranet development projects have generally developed to include broader concepts, and no longer focus solely on the building of an “information board”. Teamwork, task planning, fast publication of questionnaires, or management of personal productivity can now be built directly into the solution. The new elements of Microsoft 365 applications, such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Planner or the Microsoft Power Automate application platform feature all of these capabilities. We are continuously expanding our own know-how in order to be able to advise our clients on how best to exploit existing solutions to improve their communication performance.

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“We operate an intranet on the SharePoint platform and develop a range of various applications. Cooperation with the Solitea project team has always lead to the successful conclusion of our joint projects.”
Karel Kamenář Project Manager | Unipetrol
Karel Kamenář, Project Manager, Unipetrol


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