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A complex ERP system intended for small and medium-sized production/manufacturing companies that wish to improve productivity, optimise costs and achieve higher profitability.

Why choose our solution?

A realistic plan means realistic results

Built-in functionality for calculating expected performance significantly increases your work effectiveness when planning production.

Managing bottlenecks

The solution utilises the Theory of Constrains for achieving maximum performance at identified bottlenecks of the production process, which limit the performance of your company.

Rapid orientation when managing a company

Thanks to built-in reporting, you will have a constant view over your company, including production, sales, purchasing and finances.

A system in your agendas

Infor VISUAL is a complex ERP system intended for small and medium-sized companies. It is the ideal solution for production/manufacturing companies that wish to improve productivity, manage costs and achieve higher profitability. It enables advanced planning and precise monitoring of projects in production integrated with the company's financial management.

Normally, standard ERP systems calculate profit retroactively. They are only able to tell management what the result was. However, when planning production, it is much more important to know what the result will be. The advantage of Infor VISUAL is that it works with expected performance in its calculations. It immediately registers all cost transactions, so calculations are always up-to-date and accurate.

Infor VISUAL has at its disposal APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) planning thanks to which production can be planned to incorporate capacity and material limitations. It can simulate variant production schedules and compare their performance in financial terms (using flows). The APS module is a standard component of the Infor VISUAL system. Additionally, for EasyLean production support it is easy to use an add-on module that can be used to plan bottlenecks using the DBR method (Drum Buffer Rope).

Bottlenecks constrain the output of your company. Infor VISUAL utilises the Theory of Constraints (TOC) of Professor Goldratt. It plans production to achieve maximum output at bottleneck points. The performance tool simulates the expected output of a specific production schedule. It then compares the maximum output with reality and its financial impact. You can thus identify production bottlenecks and take full advantage of them.

The EIS module (Enterprise Information System) is a tool for managers used for generating an overview of the entire company, production, sales and finances. The module displays key results for individual areas with a clear graphical representation with an option of zooming into detailed data. Thanks to this, every manager can easily orient themselves in the data and quickly focus their attention to the highest priority.

The CRM contact centre supports effective relationship management with customers and partners. It makes work with companies, contacts and addresses easier, enables the planning and monitoring of activities according to a calendar, the sending out of emails and synchronisation of communications with Outlook. The integration of the contact centre with the Infor VISUAL system enables effective sharing of customer details, information about company processes and company data throughout your entire organisation.

Infor VISUAL covers a wide spectrum of a range of other useful functions and tools for improving productivity. The SPC module (Statistical Process Control) is a tool that utilises statistical measurement evaluation to ensure sustainable long term production quality. Řízení Servisu (Servicing management) supports the servicing and maintenance of a company's products and also plans and monitors internal maintenance. Finally, the Workflow module enables the definition of diagrams, tasking of employees and monitoring of process flows.

The system is available in Czech, Slovak and English with a Czech and Slovak localisation of finances.

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"We decided to support our growth and implement the Infor VISUAL ERP system. The system provides the company with full coverage of all company processes. Now we focus our attention on controlling, in the sense of evaluating actual capacity utilisation. These are the areas where we see huge potential".

Aleš Koukola
Executive Officer | KOVO Koukola

Aleš Koukola, Executive, KOVO Koukola


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