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Infor OS – a platform
for integrating
services and products

Launch digital transformation and give all your employees
access to the information they need


Main strengths of Infor OS

You are worried because not having a good software

You don´t have sufficient information for your work

Not all employees in your organization have information access and have to search for the information they need, which is complicated, time-consuming, producing errors and demotivating.

You can´t efficiently interact with your colleagues

E-mails are used for exchanging information between colleagues. You don´t know which tasks have been done or which have to be done preferentially.

You run several different systems that are not integrated

Although you try to use best available applications for your processes, you are not able to arrange their integration to ensure safe and trustworthy data transfer.

Let´s make your information system a competitive edge

With Infor OS platform, you will easily integrate the services you use. You will get a comfortable tool to consolidate information and automate business processes.

  • Availability of information
  • Automation of processes
  • An integrated system for the entire organization

Have always the information you need for your work

In the system, every employee has a role and fast access to all the information he/she needs to work efficiently.

Have always the information you need for your work

Use workflow to automate your business processes

Workflow allows availability of information throughout business processes. You can share important information with all colleagues via an internal social network.

Use workflow to automate your business processes

One integrated information system for the entire organization

Infor applications or third-party applications, whichever you use, thanks to Infor OS integration tools you will think you are working with a single one tool.

One integrated information system for the entire organization

Infor OS – all data at one place


Are you building an industrial business based on Industry 4.0 rules? You may appreciate IoT features that Infor OS offers. Infor OS is built to handle any data volumes coming from your production equipment and sensors, and supports digital transformation and production automation.

Automation of business processes and workflow

To work efficiently, everybody needs information, but not every information is important for everyone. Infor OS allows information system personalization to satisfy user-specific needs. A drag&drop visual modeler allows visualized defining of necessary processes, data flows, etc.

Moreover, it integrates data from different applications and workflow provides data availability throughout the system.

With Infor OS you will find a scanned invoice, enter an order or report work completed easily. Infor OS will provide you data access anytime anywhere.

See Infor OS in action

Real customers, real results

Ferrari use Infor to innovate their supply chains and optimize inventory

Ferrari, one of luxury brand automotive manufacturers specialized in designing, engineering, manufacturing and selling famous luxury sports cars in the world is a symbol of exclusivity, innovation, power and Italian design.

Ferrari is a global enterprise trying to enhance IT systems to improve internal processes and raise efficiency. Basic redesign of Ferrari´s processes required first-rate software support. Ferrari have chosen Infor, including Infor OS.

Do you want to learn more and be inspired? Download the Infor OS implementation case study for Ferrari.

Ferrari use Infor to innovate their supply chains and optimize inventory

Key strengths of Infor OS

eBook: Infor OS – A Complete Overview

The Infor OS (Operating Service) platform is one of the fundamental pillars of Infor´s successful innovations. Infor OS provides horizontal services throughout Infor products, inclusive third-party products and technologies. Services range from basic functionality, through functionality critical for business activities, to advanced high-tech functionality increasing the competitive edge of the enterprise. Download a brochure with a complete overview of capabilities that Infor OS offers.

eBook: Infor OS – A Complete Overview

Our common path towards our aim involves only three steps

Design of usage

We will check and analyze the current state and identify your needs. Based on our findings we will prepare a design of Infor OS use in your organization.

Software installation

Besides the installation, we will make necessary settings and train your users.

Support during usage

We will help you with the preparation of specific applications, processes, webs, etc. Simply, if you don´t have the courage to do something, we will do it for you.

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Do you want to see Infor products in action?

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