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Infor Factory Track –
mobile shop floor
and warehouse

Use on-line approach to increase work efficiency
of warehouse operators, shop floor operators and supervisors


Main strengths of Infor Factory Track

You are worried because not having a good control system

Manual processing of requirements produces inaccuracies and delays in production

Many inaccuracies and errors occur in production processes, and it is impossible to identify persons responsible for particular tasks.

Data in your system does not reflect a real state

Non-availability of online information has a negative impact on a range of follow-up processes. Errors occur in all stages of production, from planning up to reporting.

To transmit information you still use paperwork

You use paperwork to transmit information, which is environmentally unfriendly and slow. Many changes occur in production processes and you, not having a mobile terminal, are not able to record all warehousing and production transactions instantly.

Let´s make your control system a competitive edge

Infor Factory Track is a comprehensive solution for automating warehousing and production processes. Use Infor Factory Track to gain control over material receipts, production processes and all logistics procedures.

  • Warehouse mobility
  • Tracking employees´ performance
  • Production monitoring

Use mobile terminals

Use warehouse mobility to simplify operations of warehouse operators, reduce paperwork and update data instantly. By scanning barcodes, you will raise work efficiency and prevent typing errors. Every warehouse transaction is completely documented – you know who carried away what and where he/she left it.

Use mobile terminals

Keep track of who is doing what

Be informed about your employees´ presence, absence or shifts, inclusive audits, tracking actual engagement of individual employees in processes and other activities and events in production like failures, machine maintenance or workplace cleanup.

Keep track of who is doing what

Know the state of your orders

Automate production monitoring and have insight in all work, materials and machines. Monitor fulfillment of production plans and WIP of every order. Moreover, you will see actual work done of every employee.

Know the state of your orders

Touch displays and code scanners supported

Simply scan barcodes and QR codes. All changes will be transmitted instantly into Infor LN. No more retyping of information from papers needed.

Touch displays and code scanners supported

See what Infor Factory Track can do

Key strengths of Infor Factory Track

Automate production and warehousing processes

Your production operations rely on efficient processes that are necessary for fulfilling customers´ expectations about speed, precision and value. Although productivity of your organization is of absolute importance, you may still rely on fragmented obsolete processes that bring about discrepancy between real events in your workshops and your information systems. This is Infor Factory Track domain.

Automate production and warehousing processes

Our common path towards out aim involves only three steps

Current state analysis

We will analyze your current state and based on our findings we will design optimum Infor Factory Track utilization for your production and warehousing processes.

Installation and setup

We will install and set up Infor Factory Track tools in warehousing and production control.

System use

With Infor Factory Track, you will raise work efficiency of warehouse operators, shop floor operators and supervisors.

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