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Welcome to the Infor World!

With annual sales over two milliard dollars, Infor is the third biggest enterprise software producer and the tenth biggest global software company.

18-year history, 15 thousand employees in 41 countries worldwide and 90 thousand satisfied customers, that´s Infor – a global enterprise software leader. Don´t stay out and join the community. You won´t be alone here. Welcome to the Infor world!

Welcome to the Infor World!
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • High Tech & Electronics Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Aerospace & Defense Industry

Industrial Manufacturing

For industrial manufacturing, we have solutions, where manufactured machines and equipment, defined final products or product variants configured based on characteristics are produced in series. Another solution is ready for make-to-order production of assembly parts, machines or equipment. 7 000+ leading industrial manufacturers use our solutions.

Industrial Manufacturing

High Tech & Electronics Industry

Nine of the top 10 global high tech & electronics companies run Infor to control their production processes, and other more than 5500 satisfied customers who trust Infor, inclusive CERN – one of the world´s most respected scientific research centers. Integrate all key production and innovation features into a single interface and control your company processes with Infor´s high tech and electronics software.

High Tech & Electronics Industry

Automotive Industry

Most respected automotive manufacturers run Infor automotive solutions to improve productivity and reduce supply chain complexity. Integrate all key processes into a single interface and advance production processes with a unique and comprehensive Infor solution trusted by global automotive leaders like Ferrari, Triumph or Nissan.

Automotive Industry

Aerospace & Defense Industry

Over 5,500 aerospace and defense manufacturers worldwide rely on Infor´s advanced aerospace & defense functionality. Gain secure technology able to meet even most demanding requirements of the aerospace and defense industry and aftermarket service. Eighteen of the 20 global aerospace and defense companies run Infor solutions (Scandinavian Airlines, BAE Systems, and others).

Aerospace & Defense Industry

Infor Products

  • Infor LN
  • Infor VISUAL
  • Infor CPQ
  • Infor OS
  • Infor Factory Track

Advanced solution featuring enhanced tools to help companies improve their end-to-end operations

Infor´s solution for small- and medium-sized businesses designed to help manufacturers control expenses, increase revenue and raise productivity

Graphical configurator includes all the capabilities to provide customers visibility they need and to help you get accurate data for production

Proven enterprise technology platform, user-centered, providing the foundation for data integration

Intelligent mobile solution automating monitoring of your production and logistics processes

Infor in Cloud

Organizations can run Infor products both on-premises and in the cloud or in hybrid environments. Read more how CloudSuite products use advanced technologies to help organizations drive their expansion and growth.

Infor in Cloud

Real customers, real results

TATRA TRUCKS have made a crucial step to become a modern and efficiently managed company

Infor radically enhances users´ performance, speeds up and improves information and data transfers essential for business management processes. Information system upgrading thus not only represents the biggest IT investment of TATRA TRUCKS in recent years, but it is a crucial step on their way to become a modern and efficiently managed company.

TATRA TRUCKS have made a crucial step to become a modern and efficiently managed company
DIOSS Nýřany
První železářská společnost Kladno

„Solitea´s team of specialists is our long-time implementation partner. We highly appreciate that we can rely on them any time, which has proved to be of great value during the pandemic lockdown.“

Martin Vondrák
IT manager

Citace od pana Vondráka

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