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Financial consolidation

Legally mandatory. Demanding on processing. Ideal for automation.

Why choose our solution?

Fast and error-free consolidation

Avoid standard errors by eliminating manual procedures.

Effective consolidation in an international group

Create consolidated statements for your entire group.

Tight integration with financial planning

Take advantage of a single environment for the consolidation of events and plans.

A system in your agendas

Data consolidation during which data from heterogeneous structures is converted into a unified data structure is not a trivial process. Within the framework of this process, data is frequently transformed manually from local accounting charts and rectified so that data from various sources contained in the resulting consolidated accounting structure of the group has the same informative value.

We will liberate you from this time consuming work by setting up automatic consolidation for your entire group. You will get all the necessary tools for both setting a custom consolidation according to defined rules as well as for its final verification. Support for national and international accounting systems (US GAP, IFRS) or the inclusion of foreign exchange differences is, of course, standard.

The financial consolidation solution is a standalone application independent of any specific company ERP system, which provides you with the freedom to potentially make changes to this system in the future. It is possible to connect to a whole range of the most widely used ERP systems such as SAP Finance, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Axapta, Navision), Oracle Finance, Helios and others.

The financial consolidation solution cooperates directly with our other solutions for business planning and managerial reporting, meaning that you can take advantage of a single environment for financial planning and consolidation.

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