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Electronic prescriptions

Electronic prescriptions allow doctors to keep control over the dispensing of drugs, give pharmacists a better overview and allow patients to request prescriptions remotely, among other things.

Why choose our solution?

Benefits for physicians

Physicians get greater control over issued prescriptions, can monitor their filling by patients or which medicines were actually dispensed by the pharmacy.

Benefits for pharmacists

Lower risk of mistakes when dispensing medicines, reduction of forgeries and easier prescription price evaluation.

Benefits for patients

Possibility of issuing an electronic prescription without the need to visit the physician, and notification of the risks arising from the interaction of simultaneously dispensed medicines.

A system in your agendas

The electronic prescription solution is a full-scale alternative to the traditional prescribing of medicines in the form of paper prescriptions. It also has a number of advantages. Patients have a consistent overview of which drugs their doctors have prescribed to them. Electronic prescriptions keep track to ensure that patients do not use medicines which have the same or similar active substance but prescribed by multiple physicians. It can also warn about drugs that can provoke a negative reaction when administered concurrently. Not insignificantly, electronic prescriptions significantly reduce the possibility of deliberate forgeries, and also errors that may be caused by, for example, illegible data on paper prescriptions.


eRecepty; i,e, prescriptions issued in electronic format and bearing a unique identifier, are a part of this solution. They are stored in the Central Electronic Prescription Storage Site, as well as in the mobile App used by patients, pharmacists and physicians. This solution was developed cognisant of the fact that it must be 100% reliable, and functional 24/7. Any critical error that arose would de facto halt healthcare in any given country. Some 250,000 electronic prescriptions are processed daily in the Czech Republic alone.

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“The eRecept information system launched the digitalisation of healthcare as a whole, and thus contributed significantly to the computerisation of society. It is the first massive deployment of an electronic service using eGovernment infrastructure. This constitutes a major change not only for physicians, but also for patients who are literally able to monitor their pharmacotherapy online.”
Mgr. Irena Storová, MHA Director | State Institute for Drug Control
Mgr. Irena Storová, MHA, Director, State Drug Control Institute

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