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Electronic health insurance

This sophisticated system linked to state administrative registries improves the efficiency of processing any agenda. It also facilitates core processes at these institutions.

Why choose our solution?

Coverage of various health insurance company agendas

Support of all core health insurance company processes, including legal obligations.

More effective functioning of health insurance companies

Smoother and less laborious processing of agendas with links to the external information systems and registries of public and state administrations.

Paper-free communication

Electronic document and data interchange between health insurance companies and access points within the EU.

A system in your agendas

The electronic health insurance solution is capable of handling the implementation of a modern integrated IT system to ensure the processing of key health insurance company agendas, as well as the electronic document and data exchange between health insurance companies and access points within the EU. The solution covers insurance companies' core agendas; from support of the income, expense and product segments, through accounting, filing service, registry administration, and including the support of specific insurance company activities, including mandatory obligations.

It offers health insurance companies a range of benefits, including smoother and less laborious processing of agendas with links to external information systems and public and state administration registration, the implementation and observance of stricter rules for inspecting medical care, and secure client data storage. The electronic communication module manages a country’s access point and forms a joint national solution providing it with national administration for the employees of all health insurance institutions in the given country while remaining compatible with an international agenda . The solution meets the needs of health insurance companies communicating with hundreds of thousands of clients and tens of thousands of contracted facilities.

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“Solitea experts developed an entirely unique system that unifies the practical solutions of an international agenda within the entire public health insurance system, supporting the information systems of health insurance companies and KZP, and allowing approximately 700 employees to work in a single user environment.”

JUDr. Ladislav Švec Director | Health Insurance Office

JUDr. Ladislav Švec, Director, Health Insurance Office

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