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Electronic food safety

A complete overview of the food production process effectively protects citizens’ health. If problems such as various veterinary diseases do arise, this system helps mitigate the associated risks.

Why choose our solution?

Public health protection

Protection of citizens against the introduction of harmful infections to the respective country.

Overview of the entire animal life cycle

Detailed overview of the movement of animals, their reproduction, castration, slaughtering, through to their final inclusion into the food chain.

Assurance of good living conditions for animals.

Prompt initiation of all the necessary measures in the case of a problem, such as the outbreak of a dangerous disease.

A system in your agendas

Central recordkeeping and the monitoring of all livestock have allowed the food safety solution to contribute significantly to fighting the contagion of dangerous diseases or their carriers into any given country. The solution is capable of integrating the systems of the central livestock registry with veterinary supervision. Use of such a system ensures the prompt initiation of necessary disease control measures, including the identification of an outbreak, prevention of further spread of the disease, treatment of infected animals, etc.

From an economic point of view, this system serves as a key source of data used in evaluating applications for subsidies in agriculture. It allows farmers to work with data in entirely electronic format. Everyday processes are thus simplified; for example placing orders for ear tags is conducted in a manner quite similar to placing payment orders via electronic banking. The system is able to keep records for up to tens of thousands of livestock breeders and millions of animals.

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“The information system developed and operated by Solitea for more than two decades ensures complete support of the State Veterinary Inspection’s supervision and inspection activity, including dynamic development. State veterinary supervision covers a wide range of activities in the areas of protecting animal health and welfare and public health protection. The SVS professional information system is connected to the registries of the Ministry of Agriculture, the information systems of other organisations in the Czech Republic, and systems within the EU. The team of experts from Solitea did a great job.”
MVDr. Zbyněk Semerád Central Director | State Veterinary Administration
MVDr. Zbyněk Semerád, Central Director, State Veterinary Administration

Ministry of Agriculture
State Veterinary Inspection

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