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Electronic customs procedure

Electronic customs management substantially simplifies communication with customs authorities. It also consistently reflects any important changes in legislation.

Why choose our solution?

Greater efficiency of customs procedures

Paperless communication with customs and financial authorities across the EU, reduced administrative burden.

Compliance with current legislation

Continuous reflection of all changes brought about by the amendment of European legislation.

High reliability of solution

Fulfilment of high demands on reliability, availability and quality of implementation.

A system in your agendas

The electronic customs (eCustoms) solution, developed in compliance with strict standardised Europe-wide criteria, integrates a number of interconnected systems. While the eVývoz (export) and eDovoz (import) systems ease paperless communication with customs and financial authorities for entities that are exporting, or respectively, importing goods from/to the European Union, the new electronic transit system (NCTS) enables the transit of goods between the customs authorities of individual member states without complicated sharing of customs records at each of the cross borders. The solution includes the handover of purely electronic customs declarations, which substantially simplify processing.

The outcome is significantly improved customs procedure efficiency and reduction of the administrative burden both on the declarant and on the customs authorities. The electronic procedure also reduces the instance loss of the carriage documents needed for financial bureaus. Changes brought about by European legislative amendments are continuously reflected in the system. The solution meets the EU's reliability, availability and overall quality of implementation requirements, and has thus consistently been rated one of the best and most reliable customs system implementations in the entire EU by the TAXUD Commission.

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“The entire customs administration has relied upon the customs and tax solution delivered by Solitea for more than two decades. By combining profound expertise about the issue itself, legislation and technologies, Solitea experts implemented very extensive systems with international reach at above-standard quality.”
Ing. Petr Gavlas IT Department Director | General Customs Directorate
Ing. Petr Gavlas, IT Department Director, General Customs Directorate

Celni Sprava CR
Finnish Customs Authority
Serbian Customs Authority

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