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Electronic administrative proceedings

Keeping electronic files including all records concerning specific administrative proceedings or other administrative agendas helps to automate and better control processes.

Why choose our solution?

Improved efficiency of administrative proceedings

Support of all processes conducted on the level of state administrative and local government authorities.

Automation of electronic files

Management and handling of all documents and files in the electronic filing system.

Improved information about the status of administrative proceedings

Ability to provide prompt, relevant information both internally and to the public.

A system in your agendas

The electronic administrative proceedings solution includes processes commmonly conducted within state administrative and local government authorities; issuing verdicts, certifications or permits, proceedings for determining fee amounts or enforcing collection of fees, inspection activities, imposing or enforcing collection of fines, etc. The solution supports the entire agenda of essential components related to conducting administrative proceedings and handling documents in an electronic file format. The electronic files database is its core, and all related records concerning specific cases of administrative proceedings or other administrative agendas are filed therein.

The system substantially improves the informing of management and executive employees about the status of individual proceedings conducted by a given authority, including monitoring the fulfilment of statutory deadlines. This significantly raises the authority’s ability to provide prompt, relevant information both internally and to the public. The solution includes an intranet document storage site in the SharePoint environment, and reporting that tracks the performance of officials when processing files. Several million documents have been created using this solution, and it is used by more than 150 independently-located users in the Czech Republic.

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“Our decision to innovate the solution for managing administrative proceedings was guided by the need to unify the applications which we created in a gradual and insulated manner based on the needs of individual departments. Another important factor was the need to innovate existing technologies. Solitea did an excellent job of handling this difficult task.”
Ing. Mgr. Jaromír Novák Chairman of the Office Board | Czech Telecommunications Office
Ing. Mgr. Jaromír Novák, Chairman of the Office Board, Czech Telecommunications Office

Czech Telecommunications Office

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