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Data warehouses

Create a quality foundation for reporting, Business Intelligence, data analysis, planning and forecasting applications.

Why choose our solution?

Connect your data with external data

Create a reliable information source that you can trust.

Work with structured and unstructured data

Store all necessary data utilising suitable cost-saving technologies.

Have important data under control

Your data remains safe whether stored on-premise or in the cloud.

A system in your agendas

A significant part of the data analysis and BI applications consists of data and data management comprising of preparation and maintenance of data from which analysis and reports are subsequently created. For more than 15 years, we have been creating data warehouses, data marketplaces, dimensional models suitable for reporting and all other tasks associated with the preparation, cleaning, transformation, warehousing and storage of data.

Within the scope of creating data warehouses we work on data integration (connection, collection, transformation and consolidation of data from various data sources), data storage (setting up databases and data lakes for storing data and for its utilisation) and the administration and storage of metadata (creating and storing information about data for the purpose of its effective utilisation).

We specialise in the Microsoft Data Platform. First we design the architecture of your data warehouse and subsequently build the data warehouse either on your infrastructure or in Azure cloud. We can, likewise, take over the support of your on-premise data warehouse or migrate it to the cloud. We will teach your colleagues how to operate and look after and develop the supplied solution.

A data warehouse is for business analytics something like the foundations of a house. Though they are hardly visible, without solid, good quality foundations it would be impossible to build a house, or it would not last too long. So please give this the care than it deserves.

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