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Data in the one place



jobs, thus savings in staff costs


hours instead of 5 days is how long the monthly accounting statements for suppliers take to do

35 thousand

inventory items under control

"Fear not and go for it, don't compromise. We have almost 35 thousand items on stock and thanks to software they are all under control. Money S4 presents data without human biases and emotions – it cannot happen to us that a salesperson likes a particular toy and so orders dozens into inventory even when it is not selling at all".

Aleš Hubáček
Executive Officer

At the company Hračky Hopík they originally used two software packages – for accounting and an old system for cash registers and inventory. When executive officer Aleš Hubáček wanted to make a sales summary, he had to download files one by one into Excel and enter the data into contingency tables.

The impulse for change was triggered by the establishment of an e-shop. When an order came in, an employee would have to manually transcribe information three times by hand to various documents– the order, the invoice and the shipping note of the carrier. The systems were not interconnected. The key requirement for the new system was thus to have all the data in the one place.

In addition to this, at Hračky Hopík they also had requirements for access to on-line data, requirements for clear information about executed sales in brick&mortar stores and about inventories, and of course connection with their e-shop.

Over the course of his career, Aleš Hubáček had worked with several information systems and had an understanding of how they work. Having had personal experience with Money, his decision fell on Money S4.

Implementation was fast. Over the weekend, specialists uploaded the goods, connected warehouses and on Monday the brick&mortar stores ran using the new system. Thereafter, automated receipts and supplier data imports were gradually added. Within two months, Money was connected with the e-shop.
Another heavily utilised function is the option to attach documentation. It is possible to attach an invoice or another document in PDF format to every item in the toy store. It is then much faster to look up the necessary documentation in the electronic system than in the paper archive.

Reduction of manual work and lower error rate.

Faster and more effective reporting about product sales for suppliers.

Expanded functionality of Money with the introduction of EET was not even noticed by the employees.

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