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Cloud and hybrid infrastructure

We will build the ideal infrastructure for the problem-free operation of your systems and applications. You will always have enough computing power, a fast and reliable storage site and sufficiently penetrable data networks. Our solutions respect your needs. We will ensure infrastructure in a Cloud or build a cutting-edge data centre for you. You can finance the infrastructure as an investment, or we can provide it as a service. We are prepared to propose an ideal solution that corresponds to the size and critical nature of your organisation’s size and technical needs.

Why choose our solution?

Be more efficient thanks to the cloud

Use the validents of the cloud and decrease your costs while increasing the flexibility.

Inspire from the projects implemented

We have built data centers with geoclusters, ensured infrastructure for operating the information system in China. We find solutions for you.

There is nothing unthinkable with us

We can operation infrastructure in the on-premise environment and much more.

System in your agendas

Cloud is a deadline that is increasingly declining in both small and large companies around the world. The main reasons why companies are gradually moving to cloud solutions, are low flexibility and high costs for on-premise technology. We build our product portfolio in accordance with modern trends of IT industry development, and therefore in our offer, the ability to prepare cloud-based solutions resp. hybrid services.

We help our clients in adaptation of cloud technologies to their environment. Always we consider the usefulness of existing infrastructure and the efficiency of cloud services for maximum performance of applications. We can also respond to client infrastructure traffic requirements in on-premise environment. In addition to operating cloud services, we also provide expert system and consulting services. The importance of this solution is evidenced by the fact that more and more of our clients are moving on this form of infrastructure operation.

They chose us

"Our workplaces are deployed around the world and most of our processes are fully managed by information systems. Ensure good infrastructure from America after China was a challenging task. I'm glad we have mastered him with Experts from Solitea."

Pavel Kánský
IT manager | Lasvit 

Pavel Kánský, IT Manager, Lasvit

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