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Business Intelligence Competency Center

We will help you with the implementation of Business Intelligence for your entire company across all departments.

Why choose our solution?

Support company strategy

Use data to find ways of better supporting your company's strategy.

Be self-sufficient in BI

Allow us to take the role of a coach so you become data experts.

Succeed on all fronts

Save time and money by dismantling BI bottlenecks.

A system in your agendas

Business Intelligence (BI) is currently the latest trend and we will help you by means of BICC methodology (Business Intelligence Competency Center) to implement BI across the entire organisation.

While smaller companies can manage with just one or two people, in large organisations BICC becomes a fully-fledged organisational unit on which, to a great degree, the success of company-wide BI depends. BICC means much more than just technology, it forms a part of the company's information strategy. It has a stable organisation structure focused on business, a substantial part of its team is in daily contact with the business, with the objective of supporting effective utilisation of BI within the scope of the company's business strategy. In the area of infrastructure, BICC is supported by an IT unit with which, amongst others, an SLA agreement is concluded for the delivery of data from primary systems.

For many years, it has been helping companies with establishing BI competency centres, which with active support from top management coordinate the continual development of BI, incl. the performance measurement for the given organisation over the horizon of several years. We assist with the selection of BI specialists and with defining their roles and, likewise, we also set up activity plans for the first months of the centre's operation.

Our support frequently does not end after the routine commissioning of a BICC, and management continues to consult a range of strategic questions with us, relating to the utilisation of the latests trends in BI.

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