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Business Intelligence

The "crown jewels" of business information systems.

Why choose our solution?

Let the facts decide

Build your decisions on the actual state information and business development that Business Intelligence provides you.

Work with trusted data

V Integrated Business Intelligence Solution You can rely on the quality of the data you will drive with.

Be agile

Adjust changes whenever business requires you. Self-Service Business Intelligence Get flexible information that just need.

System in your agendas

Business Intelligence (BI) Literally means "news" about your own business, getting "secret information" about your own company. BI has thus became crown of enterprise information systems, because it uses and consolidates data from other corporate applications to provide a comprehensive image about the status and development of your business and allow informed management decision making.

Business Intelligence is an roofing term for infrastructure , individual applications, tools and also approaches to solving analytical requirements of companies. What can be covered by both a comprehensive and robust with solution central data warehouse elements and downstream reporting layers, such a smaller analytical platform, in which a key role plays a powerful analytical and presentation tool.

Hand in hand with   current trends include business intelligence solutions by connecting a self-service analytical tool that allows the independence and flexibility of business users when creating analyzes and less IT involvement, and hence faster satisfaction of business needs.

Successful BI introduction requires A suitable methodology for managing the implementation of the analytical project and active synergy with the customer. All this can be offered to you in Soleei because we build on rich experiences and a broad base of satisfied clients.

They chose us

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