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Business Intelligence

The "crown jewels" of business information systems.

Why choose our solution?

Let the facts decide

Base your decisions on information about the actual state and development of the business provided to you by Business Intelligence.

Work with credible data

In the integrated Business Intelligence solution you can rely on the quality of data that you use to manage your company.

Be agile

Adapt to changes whenever your business requires it. With self-service Business Intelligence you flexibly gain information that you need at any given time.

A system in your agendas

Business Intelligence (BI) literally means "intelligence" about one's own business activity, essentially getting access to "secret information" about one's company. BI has thereby become the crown of business information systems since it utilises and consolidates data from other business applications to subsequently provide a coherent picture of the state and development of your business and enable informed decision-making by management.

Business Intelligence is the umbrella term encompassing infrastructure, individual applications, tools as well as approaches to solutions to analytical requirements of companies. In terms of scope, it may cover both complex and robust solutions with centralised elements of a data warehouse and related reporting levels, as well as a smaller analytical platform, where the key role is played by a powerful analytical and presentational tool.

Hand in hand with the current trends, a Business Intelligence solution can be raised to the next level by the addition of a self-service analytical tool that provides independence and flexibility to business users for creating analysis reports, requiring smaller IT participation, and thus meet the needs of business even faster.

In addition, a successful implementation of BI requires suitable implementation management methodology for the analytical project and active cooperation with the customer. We can offer all this at Solitea because we build on a rich history of experience and a broad base of satisfied clients.

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