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Business as the brains of a company


business management system

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automation project

"My dream came true in regards to how things should look at the company".

Zdeněk Kulič

South Bohemian company ALFA dedicated machine production is in the industrial automation business. It produces primarily automated production equipment and production lines for the automotive, consumer and electro-technical industries.

Until 2013, it operated using a small information system. "Our company developed. Production and turnover increased and we were looking for a reliable partner to help us with our growth", explains owner Zdeněk Kulič, why he decided to look for a new ERP system.

The main problems of the previous information system were;

• dependence on only a single person
• poor legislative and development support
• impeded growth of the company

A search lasting half a year finally settled on the Business system.

Detailed and immediate overview of what is happening at the company

Another important milestone came in 2018 – the automation project. "The objective of the project was to automate data collection as much as possible. So they we were not reliant on what the operator entered into the system and so we could see what, who, when, where and how", describes Václav Špeta, who works as a software engineer at the company.

A similar solution to that used by multinational companies was created, only modified for the operations and capabilities of ALFA dedicated machine production.

Thanks to this, the company has automated human labour, company processes and logistics, an overview, control and order in the warehouse and, for example, up-to-date reports. And all this is controlled by a single system. Business functions as the brains of the company.

Helps the company to grow

Automatic collection and processing of information

Order instead of chaos

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